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The number of detentions in Kazakhstan rose to 4,266

Kazakhstan is going through the biggest crisis of recent years, after the protesters who took to the streets with the increase in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) prices and set fire to the government buildings. The anti-terrorist effort operations that started in the country where the protests turned into violent events continue. In the statement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, it was reported that the number of people detained during the operations, including citizens of neighboring countries, increased to 4,266. It was mentioned that more than 100 people were detained only in one of the villages of the Almaty region. It was reported that an arms depot (several guns and pistols) was found in a settlement in the Jambyl region. It was recorded that Almaty police seized weapons and ammunition as well as stolen goods (bike, television and mobile phone) at one of the vehicle service stations in the Kalkaman region.

Armed attack on prison in Taldykorgan

In the statement made by the ministry, it was also stated that an armed group carried out an armed attack on the prison in the city of Taldykorgan. In the statement, it was shared that a group of 15 people attempted to seize the prison, and as a result of the security forces’ response, 3 members of the group were killed and their gluttons were injured. It was reported that 1 policeman lost his life and 2 policemen were injured in the clash. Taldikorgan residents, on the other hand, recorded the operations launched in the city from the windows of their residences and shared them on social media.

Former National Security Committee Leader Masimov in custody

In the statement made by the National Security Committee, it was announced that former National Security Committee Leader Karim Masimov, who was dismissed after the increase in the violence of the protests, was detained on suspicion of treason. It was stated that Masimov was dismissed on January 6, an investigation was launched against him for treason, and he and other officials were detained.

Operations in progress

Gunshots are heard from time to time in different parts of the city during the operations carried out to identify the culprits in Almaty, where the most violent incidents took place. According to the local media, gunshots are heard due to terrorist operations in the city of Kızılorda, where the terrorist threat is at a red level.

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