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Tayfun Selen elected as the regional leader in the USA

Turkish-American citizen Tayfun Selen, who was appointed as the mayor for the first time in the USA, was elected to the Presidency of the New Jersey Morris Regional Administrative Council.

Tayfun Selen, an American citizen of Turkish origin, who was unanimously elected to the Presidency of the Morris Regional Administrative Council, which has a population of more than 500 thousand in the state of New Jersey, where the Turkish community is the most heavily populated, took an oath.

Addressing the guests after the ceremony, the Turkish manager said that he was an immigrant who came to the USA from Istanbul 25 years ago, and that he worked in every job indiscriminately in his first years “to hold on and gain experience”.

Selen, who was an architect and businessman at the same time, said, “After a short period of time, I became a manager in the jobs I worked for. This was not because I had very special talents, but because America gave me this opportunity.”

took an oath by pressing the Qur’an

In the ceremony where other members took an oath by pressing the Bible, the holy book of Christianity, in accordance with the American provisions, Tayfun Selen of Turkish origin took his oath by pressing the Qur’an held by his wife, Tülin Selen.

Selen, who took over the administration with her 7-person team, attended the stage handover ceremony held at the Morris Regional Headquarters, to which 39 small districts are affiliated, and chaired the first administrative council meeting that followed as the top manager of the region.

50-year-old Selen, who graduated from the Architecture Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1992, settled in the USA in 1996 and was elected to the city council and then to the mayor in Chatham, where she lives and has a population of 12 thousand, in 2017. She is the first Turkish citizen to come to this mission in the USA. as it went down in history.

Selen, who also served as the previous member of the Morris Regional Board of Directors, of which she was elected as the chairman, is also campaigning for the Republican Party’s candidacy for Congress from the 11th District of New Jersey in the primary elections to be held in June.

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