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COVID-19 measures tightened in Germany

German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz announced the new measures taken against the virus. Scholz said the decisions taken were considered “the most appropriate and easiest to implement” by everyone.

Noting that it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the Omicron variant will increase the number of infections, Scholz said, “One thing is clear, Omicron will keep us busy for a long time. That’s why we can’t say anything clear about our health system. We need progress on the vaccine.”

The German Chancellor repeated once again that he was in favor of the introduction of compulsory vaccination and used the phrase “Those who have the opportunity to be vaccinated should not walk there, but rather run.”

According to the additional measures taken, the rules of entry to restaurants, cafes and bars have been tightened in the effort with the Omicron variant, which has spread rapidly in Germany, effective from January 15.

In order to enter gastronomy areas such as restaurants and cafes in the country, the rule of being vaccinated or having the disease will be valid. With the decision in question, in order to enter restaurants and cafes, it will be necessary to submit a daily COVID-19 test, except for vaccination or regularization, but those who have a reminder vaccine (3rd dose Biontech or Moderna) will be exempted from this.

The quarantine period, which is 14 days for those who do not have the test, will be reduced to 10 days.

Contact persons who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the disease will not be required to go into quarantine. The infected person will be able to get out of quarantine according to the result by having PCR or rapid test from the seventh day. Those working in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes will be able to get out of quarantine on the seventh day only by having a PCR test.

Children and students will only be able to get out of quarantine by having a PCR or rapid test on the fifth day if they are in contact.

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