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Protests in Kazakhstan on the third day: Loss of life increased, Russia sent soldiers

Russia sent soldiers to the country to intervene in the protest shows in Kazakhstan, which started after the increase in fuel prices and entered the third day.

In Almaty, the country’s largest city, police announced that they had killed dozens of demonstrators. Kazakhstan state television also reported that 13 security personnel were killed.

The Reuters correspondent in Almaty stated that the presidential building and the mayor’s office in the city were burned down, and that the army took control of the airport, which was seized by the demonstrators. There were many burned-out vehicles on the streets.

In Almaty this morning, a Reuters reporter said that a large number of armored vehicles and dozens of soldiers entered the main square, and gunfire was heard as the troops advanced against the demonstrators.

In the following hours, it was seen that 200-300 demonstrators remained in the square, where the events calmed down, and the security forces were not in the square.

The extent of the country’s spread of the most violent demonstrations after Kazakhstan gained its independence in 1991 was astonishing. There is no clear information about how many people died or how much damage was done as a result of the shows and the intervention of the security forces. It has been reported that internet access has been cut off across the country.

Kazakhstan was ruled under the strict control of Nursultan Nazarbayev from 1991 until three years ago. Despite leaving the mission, the administration is under the guidance of Nazarbayev.

Following the request of President Kasım-Cömert Tokayev, whom Nazarbayev appointed to run the presidency after him, the security organization established by the former Soviet countries sent soldiers to Kazakhstan.

In the statement of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the number of soldiers was not specified, but it was mentioned that the Russian parachute units were dispatched to Kazakhstan, and it was stated that “the equipped teams of the Union began to carry out the missions given”.

Tokayev ousted the government following the fast-paced shows on Wednesday.

According to the news in the TASS news agency, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan announced that more than 1,000 people were injured during the protests and more than 400 were in hospital.

Kazakhstan state television reported that the central bank has decided to suspend the activities of financial institutions.

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