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Famous tennis player Djokovic, whose visa was canceled because he was not vaccinated, was sent to a refugee hotel

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, whose entry visa was canceled after arriving at Melbourne Airport to participate in the Australian Open Tennis Tournament with a health exemption document by not getting the COVID-19 vaccinations, was sent to the hotel where the refugees are held.

The Australian Border Security (ABF) announced that the visa of Serbian tennis player Djokovic, number 1 in the men’s world ranking, who landed at Melbourne Airport at around 23:00 local time last night, was canceled because he could not meet the entry requirements.

Explaining that the famous racket “doesn’t provide adequate proof to meet the requirements for entry to Australia” and that his visa was therefore cancelled, ABF transferred Djokovic to a hotel where refugees are held in the Carlton district of Melbourne after the cancellation.

Awaiting the outcome of the court to which his lawyers applied, a group of about 10 people came to support Djokovic with Serbian flags at the hotel, giving reinforcements by dancing to the Serbian music they sang outside the hotel.

Djokovic’s exemption relationship, having COVID-19 in the last 6 months

Faced with the risk of not being able to participate in the Australian Open, Djokovic had problems at the country’s border despite obtaining special permission from the tournament organizers. The 34-year-old tennis player, who arrived at Melbourne Airport, tried to enter the country on a visa that did not allow medical exemptions.

The ABF then contacted the Victorian state administration and informed that Djokovic’s team had made a mistake in the visa application.

Djokovic, who has 20 grand slam titles in his profession, was questioned by border officials after the Victorian government refused to accept the visa, to present evidence supporting his vaccination exemption.

Djokovic’s visa was canceled because “to have COVID-19 in the last 6 months”, which he showed as an exemption, was not enough to enter the country.

In order for non-Australian citizens to enter the country, they must have a double dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or submit documents showing that they are exempt from the vaccine, which Australian institutions will also accept due to health problems.

“No one is above the rules”

Commenting on Djokovic’s situation on Twitter, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “No one is above the rules. Our strong border policies are critical for Australia, which has one of the lowest death rates in the world from COVID-19, and we remain vigilant. He used the term “.

Morrison said that if he could not document the medical exemption relationship, Djokovic would not be treated differently and he would be sent to his home on the first plane.

The tournament will be held in Melbourne from 17-30 January

Djokovic, who was at risk of not being able to participate in the Australian Open, where he won 9 championships because he did not reveal whether he had a COVID-19 vaccine, received special permission from the tournament organizers, causing heavy repercussions in Australia.

The Australian Open will be held in Melbourne from 17-30 January.

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