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Taliban: We have no plans to kill ex-president Ghani

Brother claimed that ex-government members escaped the concerns of the Taliban, but had nothing to do with any of them.

Noting that many Afghan presidents and politicians live a normal life in Afghanistan and continue their talks with the public, Brother said that the Taliban declared a general amnesty and that no one would be harmed.

“Although former president Ashraf Ghani did not leave the country, we had no plans to kill him,” said Brother.

Brother, who said that they did not bring the former government members to the mission because they did not want to discredit the Taliban government, accused the former administrators of corruption and theft.

Brother said, “During the peace talks we held in Doha, the USA gave us some names from the former government for the establishment of a joint government in Afghanistan. However, we decided not to include them in the government.”

On the other hand, Brother, who thanked the international community for the humanitarian aid sent to Afghanistan, underlined that these aids are not enough and that they need to officially recognize the Taliban government in order to develop the economy and trade.

Stating that everyone has the right to education in the Taliban government, which cut off the heads of even the lifeless showcase models in the country, Brother said, “Necessary studies are being carried out for women to receive education and their education will start again as soon as possible.”

Months have passed since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, yet no country has officially recognized the Taliban government.

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