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Over 1 million new events a day in the USA

The number of incidents in the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA broke records with the effect of the Omicron variant.

More than 1 million cases were reported in the country on Monday. This number was recorded as the highest number of daily events announced in a country during the pandemic period.

2 thousand 600 flights canceled on the first working day

More than 2,600 flights could not be made on the first working day of the new year in the USA due to increased COVID-19 events and adverse weather conditions.

According to the flight-tracking website “”, 2,600 flights could not be performed in the USA today, with the prestige of midday, and 3,100 flights were delayed.

Officials noted that there were cancellations or delays due to the heavy snowfall that affected the eastern and central parts of the country and the lack of workers as a result of the airline company employees catching the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Southwest Airlines Spokesperson Brad Hawkins announced that they have canceled approximately 575 flights, which corresponds to 15 percent of the entire daily flight schedule, until noon today.

Hawking reported that today’s weather conditions, along with employee shortages due to the increase in COVID-19 incidents, are affecting operations at central airports, including Chicago, Denver and Baltimore.

While the average daily flight cancellations before the Christmas holiday in the USA was around 100, the cancellations and delays started to exceed a few thousand per day in the last week as Omicron hit aviation employees.

4 thousand 100 flights could not be made worldwide today

According to the “” website, while 4,100 flights could not be made across the world today, more than 8,500 flights were delayed.

Over the weekend, more than 9,000 flights were canceled around the world, of which 5,400 were in the USA.

It is stated that a total of 18 thousand flights have not been made in the USA since the beginning of the Christmas holiday on December 24.

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