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Property manipulation investigation into Trump’s children

The Attorney General’s Office stated that it has been decided to take the interrogations of Trump’s children, who manage their properties, in order to understand whether they manipulated the prices of the real estates. Trump Jr. and there is no statement from Ivanka Trump yet.

Eric Trump, the other son of Trump, who is a manager at Trump’s family company, Trump Organization, was also called to court on the issue before and his word was taken at the end of 2020.

The Attorney General’s Office had previously summoned Donald Trump to the court to give a statement and reported that he was given time until January 7th.

Trump’s lawyers, on the other hand, made a statement that action would be taken to cancel the subpoena.

Attorneys for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office have sought the opinion of additional witnesses in the case in recent weeks, while the New York Attorney General’s Office has been involved as part of the criminal investigation.

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