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Hundreds of pets died in celebrations in Italy

It was reported that more than 400 pets died due to fireworks used in New Year celebrations in Italy.

In the news that the Italian press based on the data published by the Italian Association for the Protection of Environment and Animals, it was stated that at least 400 cats and dogs lost their lives due to the fireworks used in the New Year celebrations.

In the news, it was noted that hundreds of animals afraid of loud noises also ran away in fear.

In the news, which reminded that more than 360 cats and dogs died in last year’s celebrations despite the Kovid-19 restrictions, it was reported that this number exceeded 400 this year.

Authorities state that this number could be much higher with the inclusion of wild animals.

Fireworks, which are used in events such as revels, celebrations and weddings, adversely affect the health and life of many living things, including humans, due to the mixing of chemical and toxic gases into the air, as well as noise pollution.

It is also known that thrown fireworks cause many birds to die of anxiety or burn.

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