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Travel ban from UAE for unvaccinated citizens

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) bans unvaccinated citizens from traveling abroad. According to the news of the UAE official news agency WAM, in the statement made by the National Emergency and Disaster Management Authority and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was announced that it was decided to impose a travel ban on citizens who do not have the COVID-19 vaccine, with the prestige of January 10.

Citizens who have been vaccinated for two doses will also need to take the third dose of reminder in order to go abroad.

Individuals who are medically exempt from being vaccinated for COVID-19 will not be covered by the ban. This condition will not be sought for humanitarian relations and travels for treatment purposes.

The UAE ranked first in the world as the country that administered the first dose to all its citizens against COVID-19 and made 90.18 percent of the population receive the second dose.

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