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‘Thanks to the vaccine, you can overcome Omicron for sinusitis and cold’

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Deniz Demiryürek, noting that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is transmitted much faster, said, “Even individuals who have completed their vaccinations can be affected by this disease at a rate of 70 percent. However, it is possible to overcome this with sinusitis and cold thanks to the vaccine.”

Demiryürek, in his statement, drew attention to the increasing number of incidents in the last period with the effect of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Emphasizing that it is important to comply with the mask and distance rules along with vaccination in this process, Demiryürek said, “The necessity of the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19 is no longer indisputable. Even people who have completed the disease can be affected by this disease at a rate of 70 percent, they can become infected. However, it is possible to get over it like a sinusitis or a cold, thanks to the vaccine, “he said.

Reminding that the duration of the reminder dose was reduced from 6 months to 3 months in order for more effective antibodies to form against the Omicron variant, Demiryürek said that individuals should have their vaccinations without delay.

prof. Dr. Demiryürek pointed out the importance of making the local vaccine TURKOVAC available and said, “There is no other example in the world where the policies carried out by our country, especially the Ministry of Health, have achieved such rapid results. In the scientific sense, the entire infrastructure has been completed, the work has emerged and I think it has been presented as an option. a success story.”

“The virus is transmitted 10-12 times more easily”

Emphasizing that everyone can have the vaccine they want in line with their individual preferences, Demiryürek continued his words as follows:

“The choice of vaccines depends on individuals, but not being vaccinated is the biggest threat to public health. Besides, it is very valuable not to loosen the mask and distance rules. At the moment, the mask and spacing rules are followed relatively in closed areas, but we are relaxed in open areas. This is a flaw. “It is a time when we need to be more sensitive because seasonally, more time is spent indoors. Transmission is much easier due to Omicron. We are talking about a virus that is transmitted 10-12 times more easily than the previous one.”

“The increase in flu cases is a situation seen this season”

Demiryürek said, “Seasonal flu has also started. This causes hesitation. He has a runny nose and a slight fever, and he is in a rush of ‘I wonder if I have COVID-19’. In such cases, it is valuable to diagnose the disease by having a PCR test.”

Demiryürek, regarding the arguments that there is a significant increase in flu cases, made the following evaluations:

“Within the framework of the information we received from the general coordinatorship of our hospital, there is an increase in flu events. However, this was a situation seen in this season in previous years. The only burdensome issue at the moment is living comfortably without considering COVID-19. After we have mask, interval and vaccination, we will basically get over the flu. The dangerous thing here is an unvaccinated cluster is facing a deadly threat. A valuable part of patients hospitalized in critical care are unvaccinated individuals.”

“We need to complete the vaccination at the first opportunity”

prof. Dr. Demiryürek told the citizens, “We were worried about ‘can we find a vaccine’, now there is a vaccine, what are we waiting for. We need to complete the vaccination at the first opportunity. Please stay away from behaviors that will threaten public health. Let’s continue to use disinfectants. Definitely let’s have our 3rd dose of vaccines.”

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