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Scary warning in the USA: Omicron ‘storm’ is at the door

While the increase in coronavirus incidents caused by the Omicron variant in the USA affects daily life and poses a danger to hospitals, schools and other sectors, health officials have invited citizens to prepare for large-scale disruptions that may occur in the coming weeks.

It is said that government officials, who started to apply new travel restrictions after reaching record levels in the number of coronavirus cases in the USA, are preparing to approve the support dose for children aged 12-15 next week.

The US reported 290,000 new incidents for the second consecutive day, hitting a record seven-day average of incidents.

Anthony Fauci, the most authoritative US expert on infectious diseases, said on Wednesday that the incidents would likely escalate throughout January.

John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana, where hospitalizations have more than tripled in the past two weeks, also echoed Fauci’s warnings.

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