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Despite the escalating events, the New Year’s Eve event in Times Square will be held

The number of incidents that increased in the corona virus epidemic in the USA could not be a hindrance to the New Year’s Eve celebrations. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in his statement to the US media, announced that they will say “hello” to 2022 in Times Square, as planned, despite the increasing events. “We want to show the world that New York City is moving forward and striving,” Blasio said. Blasio mentioned that those who wear masks and comply with the social gap can participate in the New Year’s Eve event to be held in Times Square.

It was reported that the new mayor of New York, Eric Adams, will also attend the event in Times Square, and he will start his mission in the first minutes of 2022.

Adams, who is a Democrat like De Blasio, stated at a press conference that his group was working with Blasio and said, “January 1 is a new beginning for my administration.” “We can’t close our city again,” Adams said. We cannot allow the city to fall into further economic despair,” he said.

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