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King of Saudi Arabia Salman: We follow the policies of the Iranian regime with great concern

According to the news in the country’s official news agency SPA, in his speech on the occasion of the start of the work of the Shura Assembly, the Sultan of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud drew attention to the country’s local and international policies.

Underlining that the Gulf Cooperation Board (GCC) values ​​the defense of its holistic existence, King Salman said that the 41st Gulf Cooperation Board Hill, hosted by his country on January 5, 2021, which led to a renewed rapprochement with Qatar, which they suspended diplomatic ties with as of June 5, 2017. He stressed that he proved it.

Saying that the Palestinian cause is one of the primary problems in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy, King Salman said:

“Iran is a neighboring country, so we hope that it will change its policies and negative behaviors in the region, and move forward towards dialogue and cooperation without mistakes. We follow the policies of the Iranian regime, which has shaken faith and stability in the region, with great haste. The Iranian regime creates and supports sectarian armed militant groups and carries out military operations in the countries of the region. It systematically spreads its power.”

Arguing that the Tehran administration does not cooperate with the international community in the development of its nuclear program and ballistic missiles, King Salman said that Iran also threatened Saudi Arabia by arguing that it prolongs the war in Yemen by supporting the Houthis fighting against the government.

Stating that they support all efforts focused on political analysis that ensure the unity of the country in Syria and Libya, Selman stated that they also closely follow the developments in Afghanistan.

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