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Bird flu hits cranes in Israel

There is a bird flu epidemic horror in Hula Lake, a frequent destination for migratory birds. The epidemic killed more than 5 thousand cranes, more than 500 thousand chickens were also culled.

A complete wild disaster is happening

Israel Park and Nature Management official Uri Naveh stated that the epidemic could not be brought under control now and that “many dead birds remained in the middle of the lake and could not be removed from the water”.

Tamar Zandberg, Israel’s Minister of Environmental Defense, said the crisis “has caused the most significant damage to predatory life in the country’s history” and that the extent of the damage is not clear now.

The epidemic threatens natural life

Hula Lake Spokesperson Yaron Michaeli said that efforts are continuing to remove bird corpses, with the concern that the epidemic will spread to natural life in the region where the crane population is located. Michaeli noted that they are considering the possibility that the cranes may have contracted the disease from small birds that have come into contact with farms in the region.

Chicken culled, eggs will be imported

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that 500 thousand chickens were culled in the region due to epidemic concerns. It was stated that the farm where the chickens were culled met 7 percent of the egg need in Israel.

In its statement, the Ministry announced that it will import eggs with the fear that there will be a shortage of millions of ovaries in the market.

In the statement, it was reported that “about 14 million will be reduced from the 200 million eggs consumed in a month, therefore, 70-80 million eggs will be imported duty-free” in Israel.

It was shared that approximately 500 thousand cranes stop by Israel on the migration route to Africa, some of them complete their journeys here and stay in Hula Lake, and the population of cranes staying here this year is around 30 thousand.

In the Israeli press, photos of employees wearing protective clothing were taken while removing the bird corpses from the lake.

In the written statement made by the Prime Ministry, it was noted that the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Health is monitoring the situation and that there has been no incident in the direction of bird flu infecting people.

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