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Russia: NATO is preparing for confrontation with Russia

In the briefing held with the military attachés of foreign countries in Moscow, Fomin stated that NATO has taken steps towards stopping Russia recently and that Russia has made many attempts to interact with NATO after the Cold War.

Fomin argued that Russia has disarmed its Western borders and is always ready to “establish constructive stakeholder relations” with Western countries.

Emphasizing that NATO is preparing for war with Russia, Fomin said, “In NATO’s military structure, objectives were set again in the direction of preparation for a high-intensity large-scale armed conflict with Russia.” Fomin stated that in the documents related to NATO’s military strategy in recent years, Russia is defined as the main source of threat to the security of the organization.

Noting that NATO organizes 30 large-scale exercises every year, Fomin shared the information that there are always approximately 13 thousand NATO soldiers in Eastern Europe and that these military units have approximately 200 tanks, 400 armored vehicles and more than 30 aircraft and helicopters.

“We are ready for negotiations with NATO”

Aleksandr Fomin stated that Russia sent two draft agreements with the USA to NATO, including proposals for various security guarantees, and said, “We hope that constructive consultations will take place. We expect a fast and concrete response from NATO to our proposals. We are ready to start negotiations at a random time.” spoke.

Kremlin Foreign Policy Advisor Yuriy Ushakov announced on December 15 that Russia’s proposals for various security guarantees were conveyed to the United States and NATO.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also published two different draft memorandums of understanding on December 17, including proposals for the United States and NATO.

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