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Developed alternative eye drops to close glasses

It has been reported that an eye drop developed by scientists in the USA can be used as an alternative to close glasses.

According to the news in the country press, Vuity, an eye drop that optimizes near-range vision disorders, started to be recommended by ophthalmologists after the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval for use.

Ophthalmologist at the University of Rochester Center for Visual Sciences, Dr. Scott MacRae noted that Vuity could be a useful alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with their close-up glasses.

D., ophthalmologist and medical director of the Waring Vision Institute in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. George Waring also mentioned that the drop in question is a nice alternative to glasses for people who have near vision difficulties.

Waring pointed out that Vuity has a distinctive difference from close-range glasses, and drew attention to the fact that eye drops do not blunt the distance vision ability like near glasses.

It is known that those who wear near-range glasses need to remove their near-range glasses to get fast and clear vision when they need to see far distances.

Nearly 90 percent of US adults over the age of 45 have near-range vision impairments.

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