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NATO-Russia Council may meet on January 12

In a statement to AA correspondent, a NATO official stated that Stoltenberg, in his capacity as the NATO-Russia Council Leader, decided to convene the board on January 12.

“We are in contact with Russia regarding the meeting,” the official said.

On January 12, which is determined for the Board meeting, the NATO General Staff Leaders Meeting will also be held in Brussels at the same time.

After the military fortification of the Russian army on the Ukrainian border in recent months, tensions between NATO and Russia increased, and the connections declined to the lowest level after the Cold War.

NATO has warned that if Russia takes an aggressive stance against Ukraine, there will be “serious consequences and a heavy price”.

Dialogue expected in the middle of Russia with NATO

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg also reiterated that they are open to a meaningful dialogue with Russia. It had been reported for some time that Stoltenberg was preparing to invite the Board to hold a meeting.

In a statement made by the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s decision-making body, on 16 December, it was emphasized that any dialogue with Russia should proceed on the basis of reciprocity, resolve NATO’s concerns, and be based on the main elements and basic documents of European security.

In its offer of security guarantees, which Russia submitted to the United States and NATO on December 15, Russia seeks a commitment from the United States to abandon NATO’s eastward expansion and the inclusion of former Soviet Union countries in NATO.

The demands of the USA not to establish military bases in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in non-NATO countries, not to use the infrastructure of these countries to carry out any military activity, and not to cooperate with these countries are also included in the draft memorandum of understanding.

There are also elements in Russia’s proposal not to deploy nuclear weapons outside of its national territory and to withdraw such weapons deployed outside the national territory.

NATO-Russia Board

The NATO-Russia Board was established in 2002 at the NATO-Russia Hill held in Rome as a mechanism for consultation, reconciliation, cooperation, joint decision and joint action.

After Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO stopped all cooperation with Russia, including the activities of the Assembly. However, the Allies decided to keep the channels of communication open in the Council.

After this transfer, the NATO-Russia Board convened 3 times in 2016 and 2017, and 2 times in 2018 and 2019.

The Council, where NATO member countries and Russia are equally represented, is priced as a valuable forum for establishing dialogue between the parties, exchanging information, reducing misunderstandings and increasing predictability.

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