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Municipal workers in Mexico poured garbage on the streets and set them on fire

In the city of Toluca, Mexico, municipal employees who could not receive their salaries, poured garbage on the streets and set them on fire as a protest. Employees poured it in front of the City Hall, on the busy streets and avenues of the city. In their protests in various parts of the city, the personnel set fire to some piles of garbage and closed a few busy streets in the city to traffic.

The workers who work within the Toluca Municipality and could not receive their salary payments, demanded the authorities to pay the New Year’s and holiday bonuses, which they have legal rights, in addition to their salaries, in their protests.

The Mexican State Human Rights Committee, on the other hand, made 7 other complaints about the municipal officials who did not pay their salaries to the employees, and requested a detailed report from the municipal leader due to the problem experienced.

Toluca city officials held a meeting last Wednesday to analyze the delayed salaries of 2,400 workers working within the municipality, but no statement was made regarding the payments.

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