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70 percent less severe maintenance risk compared to Omicron Delta

In the statement made by the United Kingdom Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), individuals infected with the Omicron mutation of COVID-19 have up to 70 percent less risk of receiving hospital treatment compared to individuals infected with the Delta and similar mutations of COVID-19. announced. The UKHSA stated that a person infected with the Omicron mutation has a 31-41 percent less risk of going to the emergency room, while the risk of being treated in a hospital is 50 to 70 percent less.

Omicron reduces the effect of booster vaccines

UKHSA stated that people with an Omicron mutation are significantly less likely to develop significant symptoms compared to other mutations of the virus, but explained that the Omicron mutation may reduce the effectiveness of booster vaccines. In the research, it was revealed that the Omicron mutation reduces the activity of booster vaccines, also known as the 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, in the 10th week after the vaccine.

Omicron more common in persons under 40 years of age

In the study, it was stated that Omicron events are mostly seen under the age of 40, and the Omicron mutation is less common in individuals over 60 who are more likely to develop severe disease.

UKHSA also reported that 9.5 percent of people infected with the Omicron mutation had previously been diagnosed with COVID-19.

74 percent of those infected with Omicron have received two doses

According to the latest data of UKHSA, as of December 20, 132 people were taken to the emergency rooms of hospitals due to the Omicron mutation. According to the data, it was stated that 17 of the hospitalized patients consisted of people who received their booster vaccines, 74 percent of them were vaccinated for two doses, and 27 percent of them were not vaccinated.

In the middle of the regions where the Omicron mutation is currently highest in the United Kingdom, it was stated that the capital city of England with 90.2 percent and the eastern region of England with 80 percent.

UKHSA CEO Dr. “Our latest analysis shows a daring signal that individuals with the Omicron mutation may be at a relatively lower risk of hospitalization than individuals with the other mutation of the virus,” said Jenny Harris. More research is needed,” he said.

The number of Omicron events exceeded 90 thousand

UKHSA also stated that 16,817 new Omicron incidents were detected across the country, bringing the total number of Omicron incidents to 90,906.

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