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White House apology reaction to Intel

Psaki, at the press conference at the White House, made the assessment of Intel’s apology to its suppliers in China, asking the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region not to use works, services and workforce due to human rights violations.

Stating that the USA is a country that always defends human rights, Psaki said, “American companies should never feel compelled to apologize for standing up for basic human rights or opposing oppression. As we have said before, American industries should not rely on works obtained through forced labor. We invite you not to provide resources,” he said.
Psaki rejected the concern that the law banning the import of artifacts produced in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region into the USA due to the theses signed by Leader Joe Biden today that “production through forced labor” will increase the supply chain grievances in the country, and that American companies can do whatever they want. He stressed that he should not oppress human rights under any circumstances.

Intel’s apology

Chip maker Intel, in its year-end letter to its suppliers, stated that “due to the restrictions imposed by many countries, labor, products or services from the Xinjiang region should not be utilized in the supply chain.”

Following the reflection of the letter to the public, the company became the object of criticism in the Chinese press and boycott invitations were made to its works in the social media.

In response, the company said in a Chinese statement published on its WeChat and Weibo accounts, stating that the warning was made in harmony with the US articles, “We apologize to our valuable Chinese customers, partners and the public for the grief we have caused. Intel will continue to be a solid technology partner for China and the engine of joint development.” had been used.

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