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‘Those infected with Omicron have less risk of being hospitalized’

In the study conducted by the Imperial College London, both vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-19 events recorded in England on 1-14 December were evaluated. In the study, 56 thousand Omicron and 269 thousand Delta events were examined.

According to the study, about 15 percent of people with Omicron need “less hospitalizations” and 40-45 percent need “at least one night or longer in hospital”. However, Omicron is more contagious, although its symptoms are less severe.

Professor Neil Ferguson, of the Imperial College London, said: “Our analysis shows that compared to the Delta variant, individuals carrying the Omicron variant have a moderately reduced risk of hospitalization.”

With the detection of 106 thousand 122 cases of COVID-19 in the UK yesterday, more than 100 thousand daily incidents were recorded for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic. On the other hand, the number of people who lost their lives did not increase compared to the previous months and reached 140.

England is in the position of “the country with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in Europe” with more than 170,000 deaths.

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