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Spain restores mask requirement outdoors

Pedro Sanchez, in his meeting with 17 regional leaders of the country to discuss the measures to be taken against the Omicron variant, which constitutes almost half of the incidents in the country, announced that even if 1.5 meters of social distance can be maintained, the use of masks in the open air will once again become essential.

Sanchez signaled operational measures, notably to “intensify and speed up” the vaccination process, rather than impose major restrictions just two days before Christmas Eve. Sanchez said he will strengthen the vaccination process with Armed Forces workers and equipment, as well as making military hospitals available to speed up vaccination.

The mask requirement in the open area was removed on June 26

The announcement came one day after the highest number of daily incidents (49,823) was recorded in Spain since the start of the epidemic. Since June 26 in the country, it was not necessary to wear a mask in the open air when 1.5 meters of distance with other individuals could be maintained. Wearing a mask indoors is still mandatory.

While a total of 5 million 585 thousand 54 events were detected in the COVID-19 epidemic in Spain, 88 thousand 887 people died. In the country with a population of approximately 48 million, 79.8 percent of the population has been completely vaccinated against the corona virus.

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