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Joe Biden: Getting vaccinated is a patriotic duty

Biden explains his strategy to deal with COVID-19. Addressing the nation from the White House, Biden emphasized the importance of being vaccinated again and using a mask in his speech.

Stating that the Omicron variant has become the dominant mutation in the country, Biden said that “unvaccinated individuals have a much higher risk of contracting infection and dying.” Biden said, “It is your responsibility to get vaccinated, but this decision affects not only the person himself, but also the people around him.”

Biden, who said that “about 40 million adults are not vaccinated now” in the US, called out to the public, “I know I will be criticized for saying this to yourself, your family, and frankly, you have an obligation to your country. I will be honest, I believe it is a patriotic duty to get vaccinated.” said.

Biden said, “Even though COVID-19 is a strong competitor, we have shown that we are stronger. Because we have the power of science and vaccines to prevent diseases and save lives.”

Biden pointed out that the situation was different from March 2020 with measures such as vaccination, virus recognition and testing compared to the beginning of the epidemic, and said that the USA would not live those days again. “We should all be worried about Omicron, but not panic,” Biden said. Biden said, “200 million people in the United States are vaccinated,” saying that compared to 2020, they are “more prepared and more knowledgeable” about the virus.

Government will provide 500 million free tests

In his speech, US Leader Joe Biden announced his strategy plan, which includes the supply of workers and equipment to hospitals, the provision of free COVID-19 tests to the public, and the increase in vaccination and testing capacity. Biden said that lateral flow tests with 500 million fast results will be provided, which the US public can order to their homes free of charge online.

One thousand military health workers will be assigned

As part of his effort with COVID-19, Biden announced that as of January and February, a thousand military medics will be mobilized to hospitals where there is a high density due to COVID-19. Saying that more test sites will be set up across the country, Biden said that “testing capacities will be increased and more tests will be done.”

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