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Flights stopped at International Sanaa Airport

The Houthis in Yemen announced that the United Nations (UN) flights and humanitarian aid flights stopped at the airport after the Saudi Arabian-led coalition forces attacked the International Sana’a Airport.

Airport officials made a statement to the AA correspondent regarding the issue.

Authorities stated that humanitarian aid and United Nations flights at the International Airport of Sana’a have been stopped since yesterday evening.

Raid Cebel, Deputy Leader of the General Delegation of Civil Aviation under the Houthi administration, made a statement to the SABA news agency, which is affiliated with the Houthis, and said that the airport was inoperable due to the attacks of the coalition forces.

Cebel had mentioned that the attack blocked the aid offered to the Yemeni people, and that it was a setback for UN expeditions and international organizations working in the country.

It was announced by the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia that 6 points were hit yesterday at Sana’a Airport, where it was claimed that training on bomb-laden unmanned aerial vehicles was given.

Lastly, the coalition forces claimed in a statement on Sunday, December 19, that Sana Airport was used for attacks against Saudi Arabia with armed drones.

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