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Left-wing Boric becomes Chile’s new Head of State

The 35-year-old left-wing candidate Gabriel Boric, who won the second medical presidential election held in Chile, became the youngest state leader to be elected in the country.

According to Chilean Electoral Service (Servel) data, 99.9 percent of the ballot boxes were opened, and left-wing Gabriel Boric, the candidate of the “I Support Reputation” alliance, received 55.87 percent, and the right-wing candidate of the Republican Party, Jose Antonio Kast, received 44.13 percent.

Boric tweeted, “We are one. We are hope. We are more when we are together. We carry on!” he shared.

“He deserves all our respect, he won very well”

Kast, who lost the election, also announced on her social media account that she congratulated Boric and gave a statement that she would continue her cooperation.

In his speech to his supporters, Kast thanked those who voted for him and said, “We are all just small servants of a great cause like Chile. This cause calls out to each and every one of us.”

“He deserves all our respect, he won quite enough. Many Chileans trusted him and we hope he will form a very competent government,” said Kast of Boric’s election.

Casting an invitation for unity, Kast said, “We want to contribute to the country with our legal differences as much as we can. We must always ensure the unity of the Chilean people together.”

Chilean State Leader Sebastian Pinera congratulated Boric in a statement he made after the election results were obvious.

The selection with the highest affiliate

Boric, 35, who will take over the post on March 11, 2022, has become Chile’s youngest elected state leader.

Moreover, after voting was no longer obligatory in Chile in 2012, the highest turnout was recorded in this election with 55.6 percent.

Boric took second place after Kast, who received 25.8 percent of the votes in the first medicine and won 27.9 percent of the votes. In the first type, the participation remained at 47 percent.

Boric, in his victory speech to thousands of his supporters on the stage prepared in the capital city of Santiago, thanked the people and candidates for participating in the election, saying that he will work for the entire Chilean people.

Emphasizing that he will take over the presidency for everyone, Boric said, “I will not just rule from the middle of four walls, I will be the State Leader for all Chileans who choose us or other alternatives.”

Stating that difficult times will come, Boric said, “We will have to face the social, economic and health consequences of the worst epidemic that our country has experienced in the last century. There will be trouble, no doubt about it, but we will take short but firm steps by taking lessons from our history.”

Boric mentioned the things to be done in areas such as health, retirement and education, and said:

“We’ve come this far with a government project that can be summed up in a few easy words; to move responsibly with the innovations Chile demands without leaving anyone behind. This is to grow economically, to transform what some see as consumer goods into social rights, and to guarantee a more peaceful and religious life. to deepen the freedoms of everyone, especially women.”

“I will be a leader working for your family’s quality of life”

Boric gave a message of unity to the political departments in the country, saying, “Chile’s future needs to see us all on one side, and that is the side of the people. I hope to benefit from their support, ideas and proposals to start my government.”

Drawing attention to the responsibility he took by being elected Head of State, Boric said, “I will be a leader who takes care of democracy, does not endanger it, listens more than speaks, seeks ways to be united, takes care of the needs of the people, strives with privileges, and works for the quality of life of your family every day.”

Latin American leaders congratulate Boric on winning election in Chile

Leaders of Latin American countries congratulated Gabriel Boric, who won the presidential election in Chile.

Argentine State Leader Alberto Fernandez congratulated Boric on his Twitter account and said, “We must stay true to the word of working together with the region to strengthen the ties of brotherhood that unites our countries and to end inequality in Latin America.”

Colombian State Leader Ivan Duque congratulated Boric on his social media account and mentioned the brotherhood between the two countries and stated that they wanted to strengthen the relations between his country and Chile.

Peruvian State Leader Pedro Castillo tweeted, “Congratulations on the victory, my dear friend Boric! Your victory is the victory of the Chilean people and we share this victory as the peoples of Latin America who want to live in freedom, peace, justice and dignity. Let’s continue to strive for the unity of our nations.” made.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro congratulated Boric on his social media account, “Great democracy day, long live Chile!” gave his words.

Ecuador’s State Leader Guillermo Lasso sent greetings to the Chilean people who elected Boric, and wished the new state leader success in his administration for the welfare of his people.

Uruguayan State Leader Luis Lacalle Pou congratulated Boric and wished him success.

Bolivian State Leader Luis Arce Catacora also shared on his Twitter account, “We salute Boric’s election victory, the victory of the Chilean people. Latin American democracy is getting stronger based on unity, respect and especially the will of our peoples.”

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard congratulated Boric on his Twitter account and said, “There is extraordinary news from Chile.”

Costa Rican State Leader Carlos Alvarado Quesada congratulated Boric on Twitter and said, “I sincerely congratulate the elected leader of Chile and the democratic activities of the brotherly Chilean people. I wish you to go in the most real direction for the satisfaction of the Chilean people.”

Cuban State Leader Miguel Diaz Canel, in his social media account, drew attention to Boric’s historic election victory and said, “Sincere congratulations, Gabriel Boric. We support the determination to expand bilateral relations and cooperation between both peoples and governments.”

Who is Gabriel Boric?

Gabriel Boric, 35, who became the youngest head of state to be elected in Chile with more than 55 percent of the second type of presidential election, was born in 1986 in the city of Punta Arenas, located in the Chilean Patagonia region in the south of the country.

Boric, who graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Chile, was recognized as the student body president who played a valuable role in the student protests against the education system in 2011-2012. Boric has been on a parliamentary mission since 2014.

Boric is expected to take office as Head of State with a ceremony to be held on March 11, 2022.

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