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Omicron became ‘herald of black winter’ in the USA

In the USA, where close to 51 million cases have been seen and more than 800,000 people have died, difficult days have started again with the increase in COVID-19 events. Due to the Omicron variant, events in the states of New York and New Jersey and the capital Washington DC have reached record levels since the beginning of the epidemic.

While the number of hospitalizations due to the virus in the country increased by more than 45 percent in the last 1 month, the number of incidents increased by 40 percent. The average of daily incidents in the country is recorded as 123 thousand.

Many health experts, pointing out that there is a new escalation in the epidemic due to Omicron, characterizes the Omicron variant as “the harbinger of black winter”.

Fauci: When more people are infected, more people become seriously ill

Antony Fauci, Chief Medical Officer to US Leader Joe Biden, stated in a program he attended on CNBC on December 17 that the increase in the number of cases in the country due to the Omicron variant may lead to more deaths and hospitalizations. people get seriously ill. Mathematics is easy. ”

Emphasizing that the reminder dose vaccine largely prevents the variant, Fauci noted that the “fully vaccinated” recipe can be used for individuals who have received the third dose of vaccine.

Long queues form in front of test stations

The recent supply chain problems in the USA have also hit the test supply. Many pharmacies end the sale to 1 person with 1 or 2 units due to the burden experienced in the supply of test kits made in the residence.

On the other hand, the long queues in front of the stations where the cars are tested are reflected in the US press.

Biden to make a statement on Tuesday

US Leader Biden, who previously announced that his biggest weapon regarding the Omicron variant is the vaccine, will announce his new strategies in dealing with the virus on Tuesday, December 21. Biden stated in his previous statements that they are strong enough to defeat the variant and that the USA will not go into quarantine again.

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