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UK Brexit Minister David Frost resigns

Britain’s Brexit Minister Lord David Frost resigned on the grounds that relations with the European Union (EU) are “long term”.

In the letter he sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Frost drew attention to the fact that he led the negotiations with the EU for 2.5 years.

Stating that they have regained the freedom and independence of the UK as a country within this period, and that they have started the process of establishing a new connection with the EU, Frost noted that they agreed to leave his post in January on the grounds that this would be a long-term business.

However, referring to the fact that the decision was leaked to the press before the resignation took place, Frost said, “The announcement of this plan to the public tonight caused disappointment and I think it is right to resign with immediate effect under these rules.”

Pointing out that Brexit has now been achieved, Frost stated that the challenge for the government is to take advantage of the opportunities brought by leaving the EU.

Noting that the government criticizes the side of its policies and feels sad because the words that there will be no epidemic restrictions again, Frost said, “I hope things will be settled as soon as possible and we will not be tempted by the coercive measures we have seen in other places.”

Frost’s resignation came at a time when Johnson was politically stuck. The Conservative Party, led by Johnson, where 98 deputies from his party voted “no” to the regulation regarding the vaccination passport, also lost the middle election held in North Shropshire on 16 December.

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