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Venezuela power outage: Country left in the dark

The power outage that started at night in the country and continues in some states is being tried to be resolved. There are cuts in 20 provinces of the country, especially the capital Caracas.

Venezuelan Minister of Power, Nestor Reverol, stated that the disruption was caused by the cyber attack on the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Guri region in the east of the country, and that efforts are continuing to fix the problem.

Reaction from Guaido

Former National Assembly (AN) Leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself the country’s impermanent state leader in Venezuela, claimed that the cut was due to the economic crisis and incompetence in the country’s administration. There have been numerous power outages in Venezuela over the past years, which the government has described as sabotage. The opposition claimed it was due to a lack of electricity infrastructure.

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