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Omicron alarm in Germany

Lauterbach, stating how to deal with the new wave that will emerge due to the Omicron variant in Germany, said, “We have to assume that the Omicron wave that we are facing and that we are going to prevent will be a great test for our hospitals, heavy care units and the society at the same time.” he used his word. Lauterbach stated that they are in the key period of the epidemic.

Expressing that he is always in contact with experts and his counterpart in the UK, Lauterbach said that the number of people infected with the Omicron variant in the UK increased by two cards in a day or two.

“This situation we observed in England exceeds anything we have seen in the epidemic so far,” Lauterbach said.

Emphasizing the need to be prepared for this in Germany, Lauterbach underlined that the reminder dose application in the vaccination campaign should be increased rapidly.

Lauterbach urged the public to exercise caution on Christmas.

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