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NATO’s 2022 military budget is 1 billion 560 million euros

According to the written statement from NATO, the civilian budget was increased to 289 million 100 thousand euros, an increase of 8.9 percent compared to 2021, due to NATO’s adaptation to cyber threats.

The military budget, which was determined as 1 billion 560 million euros, decreased by 3 percent compared to last year.

The NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP), which includes major construction, command and control system investments, will amount to a maximum of 790 million euros for 2022.
The civilian budget provides funds for civilian labor, operating costs and civilian program expenditures, while the military budget covers the operating costs of NATO headquarters, programs, missions and operations around the world.

Member states contribute to these budgets according to the cost-sharing formula based on their gross national product. NATO wants members to have at least 2 percent of their defense spending to national income.

Defense expenditures of NATO member countries in 2020 had increased to 1.1 trillion dollars.

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